Decoding color code word puzzles.
A Color code consists of a number of color tiles that each represent a number of letters. Every color code has it's own decoder which appears when a code is selected.
The decoder consists of columns of 5 letters. Each color tile represents any one of the 5 letters within a column of the same color. The word to be decoded is to be found within the decoder, one letter in each column.


The above color code represents one or more 5 letter words. The decoder for this code would be:


So the first column contains the first letter of the word to be decoded, the second column contains the second letter and so on.
The process of decoding is a process of matching letters from a column with those of the next column to find strings that form part of a word and finally a whole word.

  Decoder for the word "Trade"

The above color code sequence contains the word "TRADE" but there is more than one solution. The words "GRADE" and "THANK" are also found.

No Single Solution
Although each game is created using a list of random words that connect to each other there is no single solution to a game. For example.

The word "GAME" when color coded equals :

GAME =  game code

But when we decode it we get :

All of these words share the same color code and all are valid answers as long as they connect to joining words.

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