All letters must connect.
Every color code must connect to another code. Every connecting tile forms part of 2 distinct codes and each code must share the same letter in this square in order to connect.

Here the "N" in "THANK" does not connect the word "DRAPE".

-Delete the word "THANK" and search for a word with the letter "D" as the 4th letter.
-Delete the word "DRAPE" and search for a word starting with "N".
-See "Word Layers" below.

Word Layers
A color code can have more than one solution or layer. 

For example, the codes below contain "FROWN" and "FAME". You could add a second layer containing  "DROWN" and "DAME".  New words can be made using either the "D" or the "F".

If a word doesn't connect it will cause a red highlight to appear around connecting codes. All red highlights must be resolved for the "STOP" button to appear.
Before the game can end all words in a code must connect to other words.

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