Welcome to the  Color Code Words puzzles website. 
Color Code Words is a fun and challenging word game that involves decoding color coded words within a crossword type arrangement.

After contemplating the idea of color coding words over many years the present construct emerged. The challenge was to come up with a functional decoding device. Initially a static decoder was used consisting of a panel of 5 columns, each of a different color and containing 5 letters.


This worked most of the time but it was difficult to decode words as you had to bounce back and forth between columns whilst following the sequence of colors for each color code.

The solution was to arrange the decoder columns so as to match the sequence of colors in each code.

colorcodewords Decoder

This makes it easier to find words within the decoder. The sequence shown here contains the word "Drain". If you try and locate the same letters in the first decoder you will see the difference.
See Decoding for a full explanation.

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